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Mode of Operating / Advantages

Rotowash Ltd. produces floor cleaning machines, which are suitable for private and commercial application on hard floors and carpets. Scrubbing and the pick-up of cleaning substances is done in one operation, therefore increasing productivity.

In addition to companies in the food industry the machines are highly suitable for use in hospitals, schools, hotels, old peoples homes, restaurants, sports-grounds, offices and sales premises.



principle of two contra-rotating cylinder brushes

The rotowash principle of two contra-rotating cylinder brushes combined with a central drum caters for an extremely thorough cleaning with the additional advantage of protecting the environment. In comparison with the usual cleaning methods a saving of water and chemicals of up to 90% is achieved.

The cleaning process is effected primarily through the mechanical action of the brushes and is supplemented by the application of clean water onto the surface to be cleaned. The purpose of the water is to act as a solvent and bind the dirt which is thrown on to the revolving drum by the two brushes and is then diverted into the waste water tray.

Important advantages of rotowash products

  • Up to 90% of water used is taken up again during the cleaning process.
    The floor can therefore be walked upon immediately after the cleaning process!
  • One machine for multiple applications!
  • Ease of use. Minimal training required
  • Highest standard of floor hygiene achieved.
  • All rotowash products conform to the highest standards in the field of design, quality and safety demanded by institutions such as IMQ Italy, ÖVE Austria, VDE Germany, BSI Great Britain!
  • The special form of the cylinder brushes enables the cleaning of all types of floors, whether they are even or profiled! The bristles reach all deep grooves and gaps in floors (rubber mats, jointed tiles, vinyl, entrance mats, elevatorsteps). On carpets the dirt is first dissolved, the special manner of the brushes raises the carpetpile and leaves the carpet cleaned and dry within minutes.
  • "Made in Austria", this symbol guarantees Quality!